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Open space possibilities: big and small!

The following maps from the Cal Poly Pomona report illustrate some of the South Bay open space opportunities.

The 2011 Cal Poly Pomona 606 Graduate Studio "Re-Envisioning Open Space" report essentially represents a Vision Plan for open space in the South Bay.  Per this report, "The highly developed urban character and conditions of the region made it necessary to explore a full range of options...traditional and nontraditional methods are explored for satisfying the need for open space, native landscape/ecosystem function, and connectivity...Field study and analysis revealed a number of specific underutilized land uses in the region that can be optimized through creative landscape interventions".

What about those power lines?

The following photos from the Cal Poly Pomona report proposing a bike/pedestrian/environment enhancement of the power corridor. 

The power corridors are underutilized.  "Southern California Edison (SCE), the local power corridor owner and operator, has an opportunity to continue to receive revenue from existing leases, but also act as a 'good neighbor'..."

Opportunities abound to enhance the power corridors to improve recreational usage, habitat diversity, runoff water quality, community cohesiveness and increase property values.