King Harbor Legal Defense Fund: Donation Request From the SBPC Board


Greetings Members and Supporters:

Thank you to all who participated at the Riviera Village Fair in June.  SBPC and Rescue Our Waterfront garnered hundreds of signatures for Open Space, starting a Garden of Compassion and securing bond monies to purchase lands from the retiring AES power plant site. Many of the signers also support Rescue Our Waterfront’s Initiative to Revitalize Not Supersize King Harbor ( *The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Centercal Project is being rushed through the review stage.  The public has only ten days to review thousands of pages of information.  SBPC found the EIR responses do not adequately address the following issues:

  1. Plantings in medians accepted as “open and park space”
  2. Increase in Greenhouse gas emissions by theopening of Harbor Drive South to Torrance Boulevard and removal ofthe walk and bike plaza above pier 
  3. “No impact” of increased traffic from the project on residents or the environment
  4. Blocking of Public Views and Access to the Harbor from Harbor Drive and Czuleger Park
  5. Repurposing public park space in Seaside Lagoon for concessions
  6. Opening Seaside Lagoon to the Harbor making it unsafe to swim because of water pollution
  7. Location of Public Boat Ramp with fewer spaces and lack of public access
  8. Public Lands being used for private profit

SBPC hopes you will donate to a special defense fund to raise money to appeal the project. We need to raise $30,000 ASAP!!  Please send checks to SBPC and label “King Harbor Legal Defense Fund” or donate online (see below). Your donation is tax deductible!

*SBPC cannot participate in the ROW Initiative because of our nonprofit status

Jacob Varvarigos-President, Barbara Epstein-Vice-President, Rebecca James-Secretary, Samantha Iacobello-Board Member, Jim Light-Board Member, Dave Wiggins-Board Member, Eugene Solomon-Board Member, Melanie Cohen-Board Member

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