Enhancing Native Plants Initiative

The Esplanade Memorial Parkette Event in Redondo Beach.

The Esplanade Memorial Parkette Event in Redondo Beach.


South Bay parks, trails, idle lands, parkways, medians and open spaces show signs that reducing water usage on legacy turf and the use of inappropriate plants for revegetation continues to despoil our landscapes and local habitat.

As urbanization engulfs us, reducing parks and open space to just 2.4 acres per thousand residents, it becomes more important than ever that we work to restore native vegetation because our specific local native plants are by definition the most energy efficient plants for our area requiring less water and less maintenance and no soil amendments or fertilizer or poisons. 

South Bay Parkland Conservancy is fortunate to have, as Advisory and Board Members, highly educated and skilled ecologists, botanists, nurserymen landscape designers and landscape contractors with extensive experience in designing, selecting, sourcing, planting and nurturing these special plants. 

By conducting an inventory of local viable spaces, inspecting the plant life, consulting with local government parks departments, and engaging volunteers, we hope to be able to beautify area parks through this initiative and help to restore crucial native habitat for birds, pollinators, butterflies, and other seriously stressed wildlife.

Our current project sites:

  • Hopkins Wilderness Park, Redondo Beach
  • Seaside Heroes Park , Torrance

For more information on how to get involved, please contact us!